Glidezilla Transmissions

The World's Ultimate in Powerful Racing Automatic Transmissions!

Glidezilla Top Sportsman & Top Dragster Powerglide

Prices start at $3595.00

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Reid case with inner (SFI) approved, roller bearing tail shaft, modified super high flow pump with roller bearing and forged steel pump gears, 1.060 input shaft, choice of extreme duty straight cut gear set, 1.64, 1.66, 1.69 or 1.80 ratio with billet carrier, Vasco short or long output shaft, Billet 10 clutch high gear drum, Extreme duty Kevlar low gear band, high pressure (WOW 280 lbs !!) modified instant release valve body, billet aluminum dual ring servo, billet servo cover, rollerized billet aluminum governor support, large roller thrust bearings, deep aluminum pan.